Kenya is the heart of East Africa, where you’ll find one of the highest concentrations of wild animals on the planet. This corner of the globe is blessed with awe-inspiring scenery and incredibly varied natural beauty.

Wild at heart
From its wide, dry plains and lush, green forests, to its picture-perfect tropical beaches, the landscapes alone are breathtaking, never mind the stupendous wildlife that calls these vistas home. These include, of course, the Big Five. Traditionally the most coveted of game sights, all five species are here, doing what they have done for thousands of years: the magnificent lion, undisputed king of the African plains, the underestimated Cape buffalo, the extraordinary, galumphing African elephant, the elusive leopard and the lonesome, critically endangered rhinoceros.

Coast to coast
For a more relaxing break, it’s not all binoculars and safari shorts – Kenya’s position on the Indian Ocean blesses its palm-fringed shores with white sand, warm, clear waters and a pleasantly balmy climate. The coastal towns of Mombasa, Malindi and Lamu are a fascinating blend of Swahili and Arab culture that enjoy a uniquely African beach holiday vibe, and some spectacular marine life is waiting to be explored amongst the coral reefs that stretch the length of Kenya’s coast. But a trip to Kenya is more than a safari or a beach holiday, it’s a chance to experience the spirit of Africa in all its guises – a vibrant culture, a perennial smile and a laid-back pace that will see all of life’s worries melt away with a simple ‘hakuna matata’. 

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