Island hopping

In such a vast archipelago, there are plenty of areas worth exploring; some of the lesser known, quieter islands are perfect for a day trip. The waters surrounding Ile Felicite and Ile Cocos, which can be reached off the coast of La Digue, are teeming with marine life and offer superb snorkelling opportunities. Alternatively, for the ultimate in seclusion and exclusivity, head for one of the smaller islands that boast their own private resort or lodge.

Bird Island
The perfect eco-tourism destination, with a sole hotel, Bird Island Lodge. Some of the species that you might see include green turtles, giant tortoises, dolphins, manta rays and whales. 

Curieuse Island
The unique appearance of Curieuse Island is due to the presence of red earth intermingling with rich green vegetation. Here you’ll find Coco De Mer plants that are endemic to the Seychelles, takamaka trees, large Aldabra tortoises and green turtles.

Sainte Anne Island
Just 5km from Victoria, this is the largest island in the Sainte Anne Marine National Park and is home to the exclusive all-inclusive Sainte Anne Resort & Spa

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