Famed for white sandy beaches and hedonistic partying, and just under four hours' flight from the UAE, Goa remains a firm favourite as a short haul destination for UAE residents looking to let their hair down. Snooze in hammocks on the beach, see the countryside by motorbike, and eat some of the best seafood in the world in Indiaís palm-fringed state.

Beach life
The northern part of Goa is the place to head when lazy sunny days and long revelrous nights are what you're after. It's the epicentre for hippies lost in time, commercialised beaches and wild nights out. In southern Goa the atmosphere is far more laidback and visitors can enjoy authentic Goan cuisine, empty beaches, excellent hotels and wonderfully cheap beach huts complete with hammocks and the obligatory background music courtesy of Bob Marley. Unless youíve chosen one of the luxurious hotels near the airport, itís wise to base yourself in the south and take mini excursions to the north, allowing you the chance to visit interesting sites and cultural attractions. Should you fancy a little of the hedonism only found in parts of Calangute and Baga, itís easy enough to travel there. 

Goa stretches for over 100km of coastline and its inland areas include the lower-ranging Western Ghats mountain range, palm forests and paddy fields. While its attractions are spread out across the state, most can be reached within an hour or two and travelling between destinations gives visitors a good chance to enjoy the scenic landscape of lush green palm jungles, broken by houses and villas painted in fluorescent colours and dazzlingly white churches. Your hotel concierge can arrange tours; alternatively, grab a map and hire a taxi to travel around the sights.

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