Hawar Islands

You might not associate Bahrain with the fantasy of holidaying on a desert island, but that is exactly what you can do in just a 45-minute trip. That’s how long it takes to reach the Hawar Islands, a group of islands situated just 20 kilometres from Bahrain’s south-east coast.

On the nature trail
These undisturbed islands, with their pristine beaches and thriving ecosystems, are a far cry from the glittering skyscrapers, bustling malls and buzzing bars of Manama. Many refer to this group of 36 islands as the ‘last frontier’, an unspoilt natural habitat for flora and fauna, and a paradise for nature lovers. They are home to a number of endangered species, including the dugong, a type of sea cow. Birdwatchers flock to the area to spot falcons, kingfishers and the world’s largest colony of Socotra cormorants.

Head for the Hawar Resort Hotel, which organises regular ferries between Al Dur Jetty on the Bahrain mainland and Hawar Island, the main island. There are plenty of leisure attractions and activities to keep you entertained, including watersports and organised excursions. 

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