United Arab Emirates

Whether you’ve just stepped off the plane for a glitzy break in the sun or you’re a seasoned expat with years of life experience in what we affectionately call ‘the sandpit’, there’s always more to explore in the UAE. Perhaps the best thing about the region as both a place to visit and a place to live is the sheer variety of destinations it encompasses.

In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you can be assured of seeing awe-inspiring architecture, record-breaking attractions and enough fine dining and nightlife to keep you occupied almost indefinitely. The smaller emirates, on the other hand,  offer a glorious respite from the endless skyscrapers and traffic jams.

From exploring Ajman’s mangroves to sea kayaking in Umm Al Quwain to snorkelling off the coast of Fujairah, there are ample opportunities to get back to nature. Sharjah, in the meantime, may be small, but is packed with some of the best museums, art galleries and other cultural attractions in the UAE.  

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