Annual Report Printing

You might know Explorer Publishing as the company that brings you amazing photography books, residents' guides and children's books, our award winning team also works with a wide range of companies and organisations across the region to produce high-quality annual reports.

Looking For A Commercial Publishing Partner?

If you are looking for a partner to assist you with any commercial or corporate printing projects, particularly for annual report design and annual report printing, please use this contact form to give us your details and a member of our team will be in touch with you to discuss your requirements in depth. We understand the importance of annual reports; they function as the primary communication channel between your company and one of your most important stakeholders, your shareholders. We also understand that your annual report must comply with the regulatory framework surrounding annual reports and be accessible and relevant to your audience. We are highly flexible and able to tailor our design and printing to our clients' respective requirements, whether they are time related or industry specific.

Annual Report Design

Explorer has more than 20 years' experience in the world of design and print. We work hard to bring your company's annual report to life, with a clear structure that's easy to navigate, a clean, user-friendly design, and accessible yet formal and accurate editorial, in multiple languages. We can also deliver your annual reports, quarterly reports, or any other kind of corporate report, in a range of digital and high-end print formats. Our team has a broad spectrum of experience, with design and production experience in areas such as infographics, custom mapping solutions, commemorative books and printed guides.

Experience In Annual Report Design & Printing

Our experience designing and printing annual reports includes the following annual report projects. Our expertise and proven design capabilities were called upon by the Municipality & Planning Department of the emirate of Ajman in the United Arab Emirates to assist in the design and publishing of their annual report. As with all our annual report and corporate publishing projects, we work very closely with our clients' project teams to understand their preferences and specific requirements. Our winning team of writers, researchers and designers compiled a well-structured annual report that leveraged our skills in developing easy-to-understand graphics, infographics and charts to display complicated information in a clear and explanatory manner.

Privacy & Quality

We appreciate the importance of confidentiality in doing business with our partners, over our 20+ years of experience, we have undertaken hundreds of corporate publishing projects with partners ranging from public sector and government bodies to multinational and national companies. We guarantee your security and confidentiality in all of the stages of our work, especially in the printing and design of sensitive financial reports and documents that make up a company's annual report. We ensure documents are printed, stored and delivered in a manner that guarantees this confidentiality, and we have long-standing relationships with local suppliers, with whom we have confidentiality agreements, and who are familiar with our high quality standards. You can also have your annual report printed on PEFC certified paper that comes from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.