The standard of maternity care in Dubai is excellent. Among expats, the most popular maternity hospitals are Welcare, American and Latifa Hospitals. Latifa Hospital may lack some of the private
hospital frills but it has an excellent reputation for maternity care and paediatrics. 

Hospital policies
Before you decide on a government hospital, check its policy regarding husbands and family members in the labour ward. Some hospitals may not allow husbands in the labour ward (although
they can be present at delivery and often, if you are persuasive and there are no local ladies admitted, they may be allowed access).All government hospitals now charge expats for maternity services and delivery, and costs vary depending on the package you choose.

Antenatal packages
Private hospitals will be more expensive, but if you shop around you may be surprised to find that sometimes the difference between government and private is not as great as you expected. No matter which you choose, if you have medical insurance check that it covers maternity costs. Some have a limitation clause which means you need to have been with the insurer for at least 12 months before conception, and some may not cover any costs at all.  If you go to an independent gynaecologist for your prenatal care, you will usually be offered a choice of hospitals and delivery packages, where your doctor can attend for the birth.

Extra costs
Private hospitals offer maternity packages that include prenatal care, delivery and postnatal care for you and the baby. But remember, the price you are quoted by the hospital is usually for the most
basic ‘best case scenario’ delivery. Should you have additional requirements, such as an epidural (when the anaesthetist must be present) or an assisted delivery (when the paediatrician must be present), you will be charged extra. If you give birth by caesarean section, for example, the cost is usually significantly higher and the hospital stay is notably longer (five days, compared to just
two days for a standard delivery).


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