Importing A Vehicle (International)

Any vehicle may be imported to Dubai from another country with relative ease. It is a three-step process: you need to ship the vehicle to Port Rashid or Jebel Ali Port, then obtain a vehicle clearance certificate from Dubai Customs and, finally, register and insure the vehicle in Dubai.

Individuals may only import one vehicle for personal use and vehicles should not be over 10 years old.


  • Owner is resident in UAE
  • Vehicle complies with GCC specifications and is a left-hand drive.

What to bring

  • Passport with residence visa (original and copy) 
  • Vehicle papers/proof of sale
  • Bill of entry 
  • 5% customs duty (cash or cheque)
  • Fees: Dhs.60 blue temporary export licence plates fee; Dhs.10 clearance certificate fee.


  • Ship the vehicle to Dubai
  • When the vehicle arrives at the port, collect the delivery order from the shipping agent. If possible, have the delivery order issued in the name of the person who will register the vehicle.
  • Head to the Ports & Customs Vehicle Department at either Port Rashid or Jebel Ali.
  • Customs duty will be charged at a rate of 5% of the Dubai market value of the vehicle. Dubai Customs will determine the value of the vehicle upon arrival.

Note: It’s a good idea to have a clearing and forwarding company handle the import procedures for you

Clearance certificate

  • Submit the delivery order, vehicle papers and passport copy to Dubai Customs.
  • Except for new cars brought in by car dealers, all cars are inspected by customs and an inspection report is produced.
  • The customs duty will be calculated by inspectors.
  • Pay the customs duty and fees (cash or cheque) at the customs clearance counter and get a receipt.
  • A vehicle clearance certificate will be issued.
  • Submit all documents to the Dubai Customs Inspection Office, Port Rashid.

Insurance and registration

  • Insure your vehicle 
  • Request blue temporary export licence plates (valid for three days) from the RTA; costs Dhs.60.
  • Submit the clearance certificate and inspection report to the Industry Department at the Ministry of Finance and Industry; request a no objection certificate (NOC), which costs Dhs.200. This will be issued on the spot.
  • Take the vehicle to an RTA testing centre for inspection and registration. Submit the NOC and follow the standard procedures; see Testing a vehicle and Registering your vehicle.
  • Once the vehicle has been tested and registered, you will receive a vehicle registration card and new Dubai plates which must be fixed immediately before you can drive legally.

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