Paying Your Salik Bills

An SMS will be sent to your mobile device to remind you to top up your balance on your Salik card when your remaining credit is getting close to violation point. You must top up a Salik account before you use all credit or you’ll face an unpleasant Dhs.50 fine every time you pass a toll. Topping up your card, however, is a simple procedure. Salik top-up scratch cards can be bought from petrol stations and banks, or you can simply recharge your credit online at


  • You have already purchased and registered your Salik tag.
What to bring
  • Cash or credit card to top up your account.


  • Buy top-up scratch cards from participating petrol stations and banks and follow the instructions on the card.


  • You can review your Salik account by visiting and top up your account with a credit card.
Mobile mPay
  • Register your credit card details with the mPay app, then you can send an SMS to 4488 to receive account updates, pay fines and recharge your Salik account.

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