Registering Your Vehicle

Whether you purchase a new or used car, the vehicle must be registered every 12 months with the Dubai Traffic Police. If you have purchased a new vehicle from a dealer, the dealer will register the car for you. 

When you buy a second-hand vehicle, chances are that the registration is still valid in the seller’s name; in this instance, see Transferring vehicle ownership.

You do not need to test a new vehicle for the first two years, though you must re-register it after one year. In some cases, second-hand dealers will register the car for you. But, if you are purchasing from a private dealer, chances are that you’ll have to do a lot of this yourself.


  • UAE resident
  • Insurance is valid for a minimum of 13 months 
  • Vehicle has been tested (see Testing a vehicle) 
  • To register a second-hand car in your name, you must first officially transfer vehicle ownership. A Dhs.3,000 fine is imposed on both the buyer and seller if a vehicle is sold unofficially (i.e. if ownership is not transferred through Dubai Traffic Police). See Transferring vehicle ownership.

What to bring

  • Vehicle insurance certificate (original, valid 13 months)

Note: Your vehicle needs to be insured before it can be registered. You can arrange this through the dealer or it can be done independently

  • Passport with residence visa
  • Resident ID
  • If second-hand, existing vehicle registration card
  • Dhs.320 registration fee


  • EPPCO Tasjeel, Emarat Shamil, or any RTA registration centre.
  • Take the passed test certificate, and your insurance certificate to the typing counter.
  • Your application form will be typed for you; pay Dhs.10.
  • Submit all documents at the Dubai Traffic Police counter.
  • Your application will be validated and entered into the system.
  • Pay the registration fee.
  • You will receive your vehicle registration card.
  • You will also be given a date sticker for your rear licence plate, which needs to be affixed immediately.
  • Keep the vehicle registration card and the insurance documents in your vehicle at all times.


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