Renting A Property

Only ever deal with a Dubai Land Department RERA-registered broker or agent (see for full list). All registered agents are given a Broker’s Register card, with photo ID, which verifies that their office is licensed by RERA to manage, rent and sell real estate. If you do not use a registered agent, you will not be protected by RERA if there are any problems. All rental contracts in Dubai should be registered with RERA through the Ejari system which will protect you if there are any rental disputes or issues.

In the UAE, rents are paid in annual instalments – a few landlords will accept two or more cheques, but then they may ask for a higher rent.


  • UAE resident
  • First instalment of rent (usually paid by cheque)
  • Agent/landlord has provided copy of title deed and landlord’s passport.

What to bring

  • Passport with residence visa (original and copy)
  • Security deposit: 5% of annual rent value or as agreed in tenancy contract (refunded at end of contract).
  • Agent commission: 5% of annual rent value or market rate (if renting from a broker and not directly from the landlord).
  • All rent cheques, post-dated as agreed

To register with RERA

  • Resident ID or passport for landlord (copies)
  • Passport with residence visa and Resident ID for tenant 
  • Tenancy contract signed by both tenant and landlord
  • Title deed (copy)
  • Security deposit receipt (copy)
  • Fees: Dhs.195 (including typing)


  • Once you have found a property you will need to sign the tenancy contract and pay required fees.
  • You must register the tenancy contract with RERA (through the Ejari system).
  • Take the required documents to an Ejari typing centre and pay the fees. Ejari certificate will be ready for collection within three days.
  • Move in! Once you have registered your tenancy contract with RERA, you will be able to apply for services, such as DEWA, internet, and cable TV.

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