Part-time Work

In the past, it has been extremely difficult to organise part-time work. What little there is has been offered ‘off the books’ to those already in Dubai under their partner’s sponsorship. But new legislation now allows residents to take on work part-time in Dubai, which is good news for everyone from mothers returning to work to teenagers wanting to earn some spending money in their spare time. 

Part-time work permit
Part-time work permits are valid for one year and cost Dhs.500, a cost payable by the employer. A permit is available for anyone aged under 65 with a valid residence visa and registered with the Ministry of Labour (i.e. this is their second job). They can also be issued to government workers, students above 18 years, and women living with their parents, husbands, sons or daughters with valid residence visas. A contract, stating the wage, must be signed by both the employer and part-time employee before the permit can be issued.

To request a part-time work permit, visit the Ministry of Labour website. You will need to provide a number of documents including copies of the company’s trade licence, a photo of yourself along with as copy of your passport and education certificates attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Teenagers aged 15 to 18 years can apply for a temporary or teenage work permit from the Ministry of Labour. This is typically valid for one month.


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