About Dubai

Dubai is a wonderful place to live, with career opportunities, unique activities and, apart from a few sweaty months in summer, great weather.

Visiting Dubai

Be captivated by this surprisingly multi-layered city that has become one of the world's top destinations.

Things To See & Do In Dubai

Beyond the glitzy skyscrapers, you can explore Arabian culture, family attractions, desert landscapes, and more.


With souks, boutiques and mammoth malls at every turn, you won’t have any problems spending your holiday money in Dubai.


The art of pampering is a speciality in Dubai, from super cheap quick fixes to luxurious experiences at the city's five-star hotels.

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Dubai’s penchant for showing off has resulted in some stupendously extravagant places to stay, but there's plenty of affordable options too.


Eating out is a popular past time in Dubai, namely because there are so many delicious options.

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Get the most out your time in Dubai, no matter how long you're spending in the city that never stops.