Dubai has a number of excellent parks, with lush green lawns and a variety of trees and shrubs creating the perfect escape from the concrete jungle of the city. Children’s play areas and even fitness equipment are often provided. In the winter months, the popular parks are very busy, especially at weekends. Most have a kiosk or cafe selling snacks and drinks, and some have barbecue pits (take your own wood or charcoal, and remember that it is forbidden to cook pork at public barbecue areas).

Regulations at the parks vary, with some banning bikes and rollerblades, or limiting ball games to specific areas. Pets are not permitted and you should not take plant cuttings. Some parks have a ladies’ day when entry is restricted to women, girls and young boys, and certain smaller ones actually ban anyone other than ladies through the week, while allowing families only at the weekends. Entrance to the smaller parks is generally free, while the larger ones charge up to Dhs.5 per person. Opening hours of most parks change during Ramadan.


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