Liquor Licence

Only bars and restaurants in certain hotels, sports and leisure clubs are licensed to sell alcohol, with an added tax of 17.5%, to patrons 21 years and over. You will not be able to find alcohol at independent restaurants or supermarkets. It is possible to purchase alcohol for home use but you must be a non-Muslim, a resident and earn over QR 4,000 per month – and you can only purchase these goods from the Qatar Distribution Company or QDC for short. QDC are the sole importer of alcoholic beverages in Qatar.

To apply for a liquor licence, you need an application form together with a QR 1,000 returnable deposit, an NOC from your employer stating your basic salary, a passport copy, a copy of your residence permit and a passport photo. You will also need a passport photo of your spouse if you want them to share your licence. Submit your application in person at Qatar Distribution Company (for store location, see Alcohol). The licence takes around 10 days to be processed, and if approved will state the maximum amount you can spend at QDC per month (usually 10% of your wage). To renew your licence, you scan and email an application form, copy of your ID and a recent letter from your employer stating your salary to You will be informed by SMS when your renewed licence is available for collection.

Only permit holders are allowed inside the QDC shop (no children) and you may not buy alcohol on behalf of anyone else. You must conceal your purchases during your journey, which should be directly to your home (severe penalties apply).

You do not need a liquor licence to purchase any duty free alcohol from the airport when you arrive, and you are permitted to take alcohol purchased in Qatar through customs, providing it is carried in your luggage and not on your person.

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