Take to two wheels and you can see some of the very best landscapes that the UAE has to offer; get in shape and discover hidden corners of the city.


With a stunning coastline, calm seas and year-round warm waters, a day out on a yacht has to appear on the itinerary of any wannabe explorer.


To really appreciate the surroundings that the UAE has to offer, you need to venture out and experience the natural wonders of the Arabian countryside


The Hajar mountain range boasts plenty of opportunities for intrepid types to discover what lies above and beneath our feet.


The desert makes up more than 90% of the country and it's the biggest outdoor adventure playground you could imagine...

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There are more than 30 wrecks to choose from, almost all in relatively shallow waters, with tropical coral reefs and dramatic coastlines.


For those who want to stretch their legs, there are some great hiking options just a short drive from the main towns. 


The GCC desert is a truly unique adventure playground, where dune and wadi bashing are popular pastimes.


There are plenty of opportunities for water-based fun, from the latest craze of stand-up paddleboarding to the turbo-charged thrills of jet-skiing.