Wadi Bani Awf (Snake Canyon)
This is a perennial favourite and one of the most spectacular wadis in Oman; indeed, a weekend in Wadi Bani Awf is on many explorers’ ‘must-do’ lists. A mere 500m before At Tikhah, just 50m from the road, is a lovely camp spot, complete with large trees and rustic shelters. Turn left from the graded track and cross a stream to some small pools and a large flat area. There’s lots of room, so even if you have to share the campsite with others, you’ll have plenty of space. This is a great option before taking the plunge (literally) into Snake Canyon.

Wadi Bih
Famous for hikes, rock climbing and mountain biking, Wadi Bih offers a plethora of activities for the keen explorer and camping spots abound in the area too. Once over the top of the mountain, you’ll find the remains of one of many old farming villages. Terraced fields frame scattered ruins of small stone dwellings. As a rule, many of these fields grow animal feed, so don’t camp right on top of them. Try the good, gravelly area, left of the road, just before you reach these particular fields.

Border control
Off-roaders/campers/hikers are no longer able to easily cross into Oman from Dibba due to authorities enforcing stricter border rules. According to local news reports, Sharjah officials at the Dibba crossing - an unofficial border station - have been demanding UAE residents offer proof of a hotel stay or a booking with a dhow operator in order to go into Oman.Several tourism operators and sports' clubs have revealed that residents are now required to send a copy of their passport and their residency visa to the hotel where they will stay 48 hours in advance. As a result, it is advisable you plan ahead when deciding to enter Oman for a weekend away.

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