Beautiful fjords, rugged mountains and striking underwater coral beds combine to make this the region’s outdoor epicentre.

Dibba Bayah Harbour
Dhow trips run from this attractive bay at the southern end of Musandam, taking you to unspoilt waters along the remote eastern coast. A boat trip is the best way to see the stunning scene, appreciate the scale of the fjords – and see dolphins!

Dibba Island
Take a trip from Dibba to this small rocky island, covered by a reef of corals. It’s one of the best snorkelling sites around, especially for seeing turtles, and a real treat for divers who can expect to see the unusual jawfish (or hole goby). Once darkness falls, the island makes a lovely, easy night dive.

Jebel Harim
See the other side of Musandam on an off-roading experience through the mountains. Take a drive up to the plateau beneath Jebel Harim, the highest peak in the area at 2,087m. This is an excellent spot for camping, hiking and for views. Most of the year you can get to the top in a saloon car; in a 4WD you can carry on to explore tracks to more secluded places such as Sal Al A’la.

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