Western Hajar

This magnificent mountain range is home to some of Oman’s biggest attractions, and a must for outdoorsy weekend breakers.

The High Country
Jebel Shams, the ‘Mountain of the Sun’ has a rugged terrain that is actually a fairly easy trek with several good camping locations. Below the summit, Wadi An Nakhur has some of the most stupendous views in the country as you drive through the ‘Grand Canyon of Oman’. Sayq Plateau on top of Jebel Akdhar has beautiful mountain villages.

Al Hoota Cave
This long cave features a large subterranean chamber featuring some amazing rock formations and an 800m underground lake, which is home to a rare species of blind fish. There’s a train that transports you into the cave, knowledgeable Omani guides, a restaurant and a natural history museum.

Nizwa Fort
Set in the oasis city of Nizwa is the 17th-century Nizwa Fort. Amid a verdant spread of date palms, this fine citadel features a maze of rooms, high-ceilinged halls, doorways, terraces, narrow staircases and corridors; its most striking feature is its colossal central tower, soaring 115ft above the fort. Nearby Jabrin Fort, notable for its ceiling decorations and secret passageways, is also worth a visit. Pick up some freshly made local halwa at Nizwa Souk.

Snake Canyon
This spectacular, challenging hike takes around three to four hours, and is something you’ll remember forever. It’s purely for the adventurous as it involves some daring jumps into rock pools and fair bit of swimming through ravines.

Wadi Al Abyad
Just over an hour west of Muscat, the pools of Wadi Al Abyad are a great place to visit throughout the year. From the end of the track, a short stroll will get you to increasingly larger pools where you can easily spend the whole day. Alternatively, you can take the easy two-hour hike through the wadi to the town of Al Abyad.

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