Environmental tips for the great outdoors

Date: 2015-08-10
We’re excitedly putting the finishing touches to our brand new UAE and Oman Off-road Explorer guides, ready for the winter off-roading season.
The guides include loads of new routes, as well as updates to existing classics we’d like to keep, and we’ve packed them full of suggestions for places to hike and camp. We’re spoilt for choice in this beautiful, diverse country, and to ensure it stays that way, we thought we’d share with you some advice on looking after the environment while you’re in the great outdoors.
  • Wherever possible, travel on existing tracks. It’s not just visible flora and fauna that needs protection. Sensitive seeds, bulbs and wildlife exist on or just below the surface and this delicate ecosystem lies dormant for long periods, springing into life after sufficient rain and providing much-needed food for inhabitants of harsh environments.

  • At archaeological sites, don’t climb on already frail walls and don’t be tempted to disturb any earth.

  • Many desert creatures are shy and conceal themselves under rocks or stones to protect themselves from the sun or predators. Leave their precious habitat undisturbed and refrain from picking anything up.

  • In the desert, avoid what little plant life there is. This is better for your car too – desert plants often have roots that extend deep into the ground in search of water, and are fixed very firmly in place as a result. 

  • Never throw litter from your vehicle or leave rubbish behind. Make sure you leave with as much rubbish, or more than you came with. There are plenty of bins off the roadside.

  • When camping in the mountains, if you stumble upon a perfect, flat area, it is possibly cultivated fields for animal crops. It is difficult enough to grow viable crops in this harsh climate without campers trampling over or pitching tents on arable land, so please be careful and considerate about where you camp.

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