UAE-Oman border closures

Date: 2016-01-18
The closure to non-GCC nationals of the UAE/Oman border posts at Madam and Masfout, near Hatta, means expats and tourists must now cross through the main centres in Al Ain, Hatta and Kalba.

Previously, certain expatriates whose UAE residence visa matched a list of ‘professional and executive’ occupations, could pass through these borders without an Oman tourism visa. Now, all expats and tourists are required to purchase a tourism visa, and must attend one of the main border posts where there are visa processing facilities.

This change affects routes 24 to 28 in Explorer’s new UAE Off-Road guide. The Hili border in Al Ain, near Oasis Mall, is the closest visa processing centre to the start of these routes. Alternatively, why not detour to Al Ain and check out the Hafit Tombs (Route 30) on your way, which are located close to the Mazyad border south of Al Ain?

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