It makes up more than 90% of the UAE and it’s the biggest outdoor adventure playground you could possibly dream of. Off-roading adventures should be at the top of any Ultimate Explorer’s must-do list. And of course, with no skyscrapers in sight, a night camping in the desert holds the key to ultimate solitude and adventure.
Good for...
• Dune bashing adventures
• Stunning sunsets
• Peace and quiet
Bad for...
• Inexperienced off-roaders. Your vehicle will get stuck so be prepared to get digging.
• Pitching tents. Secure corners of the tent with rocks.
• Shamals. Should this north-westerly wind blow so strongly that your tents can’t stay grounded, it’s best to retreat to your car.

Safety tips
Setting up tents
Your sleeping spot should not be in low areas such as stream valleys, or near to a cliff, and the tent site should also not be set up at the base of a cliff either. Tents should also be set up far away from cooking stations or where wood is burned, and be a safe distance from fuel depots, fuel storage tanks, generators and electricity poles. Campers should also avoid damp floors which may be infested with scorpions, ants and other insects. Use flat lands that are free of stones and potholes to avoid creating a moist environment in the tent.
Tent specifications
Tents should be made from non-flammable and non-absorbent materials that are equipped with the essential ventilation holes to allow proper ventilation. Tents must also be set up tightly so they won’t fly away in the event of strong winds.
Fires and barbecues
Firewood must be stored at least 15 feet away from your tent and your barbecue or fire must be at a safe distance away from your tents so that the direction of the wind is towards the fireplace and not the tent. It’s also a good idea to surround fires with a ring of large rocks.

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