As the temperatures begin to soar, head to the mountains for a cooler camping experience.

If you are planning on a hiking trip up in the mountains then mountain camping can make a good addition to your adventure, and there are some stand-out spots that are superb for pitching up; these sites are particularly suited to the hotter months as temperatures remain bearable up high. Jebel Yibir is the UAE’s highest (named) peak and the best option in the UAE. Otherwise, the Hajar Mountains in Oman offer stunning scenery at higher altitudes.

Good for...
• Spectacular views and scenery.
• Camping in the hotter months as it remains relatively cool at these higher altitudes.
• Hikers have many routes to choose from around here.

Bad for...
• Pitching tents. Secure corners of the tent with rocks.
• Restless sleepers. You might find yourself sleeping on rocks so choose your spot carefully.
• Rainy days.
• Goat invasions – it’s best to keep food hidden away!

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