You may see kitesurfers showing off along several of Dubai’s beaches, but the kiting beach in Umm Suqeim is the only place where kiting is officially permitted. The Dubai Kite Forum ( is a good place to find out the latest on regulations. 

In Abu Dhabi, however, there are two main kiting beaches close to the city, one on Yas Island and another at Al Dabayyah, which is a half hour drive west towards Mirfa; although it should be pointed out that neither of these locations boast facilities and lifeguards so kitesurfing is always done at your own risk. A few hours further west, near Mirfa for example, there are other kiting beaches. 

In Oman, the best kitsurfing spot is off Masirah Island; contact to arrange a trip there. A lesson in kite surfing is a two step process and it’s required that you take a few lessons on land to learn the basic methods of controlling a kite. Then, when your instructor feels you are ready, you’ll gradually move into the water and eventually onto a board.


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