Stand Up Paddleboarding

SUP is an appealing sport for many reasons. Since the length and width of the board is a generous size, balancing on top of one is far easier than a surfboard and makes it a relatively easy skill to pick up, so for some, it’s a nice, easy introduction to board sports; for others, it’s a great workout and a good way to get out on the water when conditions are less than ideal for surfing or kitesurfing. 

Get Up, Stand Up
SUP-ing is pretty easy and, if you want to just jump on the board and give it a try, you’ll find boards and oars available to rent from just Dhs.70 an hour or even less; check out Watercooled Dubai at the Jebel Ali Golf Resort. If you already have a paddleboard or plan to purchase one (see opposite for where to get the gear) then there are several places around the UAE and Oman that you can explore. Check out the calm waters of Dibba in Oman just off the shore by the Golden Tulip Hotel, paddle out to Snoopy Island off the coast of Fujairah near the Sandy Beach Hotel before diving in for a snorkelling adventure, or check out the wildlife at the Umm Al Quwain marine reserve; the list of locations is endless. 

However, like all deceptively simple activities, there is an art and a technique to it; if you decide a lesson or two could be in order to help you get to grips with the basics, try some of the following – they’re also all excellent resources for learning more about SUP and the SUP community in the UAE.

Get The Gear
As you can do it in almost any conditions and it requires only the one-off purchase of a board and a paddle, SUP-ing is an easy and convenient way to get out on the water. Unless you don’t live near the beach or live in an apartment – as the 12 foot (3.6m) boards can be difficult to transport or get into lifts! One ingenious solution is an inflatable SUP – surprisingly sturdy and robust, with the advantage that they can be inflated quickly and packed into a bag after use. You’ll find inflatable SUPs at Adventure HQ (, starting at around Dhs.4,500. 

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