The Basics

The different ocean breaks in the UAE also allow for a wide range of activities to take place within close proximity. The calm waters around Dubai Marina and the creek area, for example, provide glassy waters that are perfect for wakeboarding and waterskiing, especially if you head out early in the morning. The wide open stretches of beach in Al Gharbia and around some of Abu Dhabi’s islands are excellent for kitesurfing, harnessing the wind that picks up in these areas.

The lush mangroves around Umm Al Quwain, meanwhile, are undoubtedly a kayaker’s paradise. Before grabbing your kayak or board and making a break for the ocean, make sure that the beach is open to the public as certain stretches in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Muscat are restricted so check the signs before hitting the sand. Similarly, there are beaches that are more suitable to certain sports – these will be identified throughout this section. Just remember that beaches in the UAE and Oman are not patrolled as diligently as some European beaches (if at all) so you need to take extra precautions.

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