Applying For A Liqour Licence

The UAE has strict laws concerning the sale, transportation and consumption of alcohol. You must have a valid liquor licence to legally buy, transport, drink or store alcohol, even if it is in your own home. Licences are valid for one year. Alcohol is sold by authorised retailers, and is subject to a 30% tax in Dubai stores.


  • Aged 21 or older
  • Non-Muslim 
  • UAE resident
  • Must earn more than Dhs.3,000 per month

Online applications 
You can also apply for your liquor licence online through A+E’s website (, although this does also involve having to visit an A+E store to submit some of the documents. Also, it can take up to seven days to have your completed online form couriered back to you so, if you’re in a rush, it is probably quicker to collect a hard copy from a local A+E store and fill it in by hand.

What to bring
  • Passport with residence visa (copy).
  • Ejari-registered tenancy contract or property deeds (copy).
  • Passport-sized photos (two).
  • Your employer’s establishment card (copy).
  • Dhs.160 application fee.
One of the below:
  • A labour contract (issued by the Ministry of Labour).
  • A trade licence if you own your own business.
  • Salary certificate if a government/public sector employee.
  • A salary certificate issued by the Free Zone Authority (FZA) if you are a free zone employee.


  • If you are a free zone employee in any emirate you also need a no objection certificate (NOC) from the FZA stating it has no objection to you holding a liquor licence.
  • Abu Dhabi residents applying for a licence in Dubai need an NOC from the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA).
  • If your residence visa is stamped in any emirate other than Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you wil also need an NOC from the respective emirate’s police headquarters. 
If your tenancy contract isn’t in your name (i.e. you live in shared accommodation) you also need:
  • Ejari-registered contract of tenant (copy).
  • Tenant’s passport with residence visa (copy).
  • An NOC stating that the tenant has no objection to you holding a liquor licence. 

Spouses under their husband/wife’s sponsorship can independently apply for a liquor licence. As well as the general documents, they will need:

  • An NOC from their spouse stating they are happy for them to hold a licence. 
  • Their spouse’s passport (copy).
  • Their spouse’s residence visa (copy).

Each NOC must:

  • Be addressed to CID of Police Headquarters, Dubai
  • State who the applicant is and their passport number
  • State the applicant’s salary
  • State that they have no objection to you holding a licence


  • Collect an application form from any MMI or A+E store.
  • Complete the form and get it stamped by your employer.
  • Submit the form, along with the necessary documents and Dhs.160 at your nearest MMI or A+E store.
  • The process usually takes up to one month.
  • Both MMI and A+E will let you know by mobile phone when you can pick up your new licence.
  • Licences are valid for one year, and then need to be renewed (MMI or A+E will send you a reminder).

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