Applying For A Residence Visa - Maid

If you would like to sponsor a maid or nanny, it is your responsibility to organise and pay for all their required immigration, labour and health documents. The fine for not sponsoring a maid is Dhs.50,000. 

As sponsor, you must pay a monthly salary to your maid of around Dhs.1,800 plus one month’s leave and return airfares to the maid’s home country at least every two years. You must also provide accommodation, furniture, food (optional) and health cover (either private insurance or a government health card).

The first step is to sponsor them to live in Dubai by organising their residence visa. The procedure is similar to obtaining a family member’s residence visa, just slightly more costly at around Dhs.7,000. A domestic worker residence visa allows a maid or nanny to legally live and work in Dubai, and is valid for one year. 

Arranging a maid’s visa is a two-step procedure. Firstly, you need to arrange for a visit visa so that she can enter the country. (Unless she is already here on a visit visa or existing residence visa). Then, you need to apply for the residence visa – within 30 days of the maid’s arrival. 

Different restrictions may apply to different nationalities. For example, an Ethiopian maid may only be hired if transferring sponsorship or already in Dubai on a visit visa. Sri Lankan and Indonesian nationals must have medical tests prior to their arrival, and attested by their embassy. Contact the relevant consulate for more information.



  • A national of one of these countries: Bangladesh, India, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Philippines or Sri Lanka.
  • Valid UAE visit visa
  • Not related to the sponsor
  • Aged 18-58 years old
  • Passed the medical test. See Taking a medical test.


  • Monthly salary is higher than Dhs.10,000
  • UAE resident 
  • Living accommodation must be at least a two-bedroom premises.

NOTE: Bachelors are not eligible to sponsor a maid. A married couple may need to provide a marriage certificate.

What to bring 

  • Cancellation paperwork from old sponsor (if applicable).
  • Maid’s passport showing visit visa and stamp (original).
  • Maid’s Resident ID, or proof that application is underway.
  • Passport-sized photos of both maid and sponsor (three).
  • Passport with residence visa of sponsor (copy).
  • Sponsor’s employment contract to show salary (attested).
  • Tenancy contract attested through Ejari, the online system of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA).
  • DEWA electricity and water bill in name of sponsor (copy).
  • Maid’s medical certificate
  • Sponsors whose passport number starts with 7 will need to provide a salary certificate. If it starts with 2, you will need to bring in a Labour Office Contract.
  • Dhs.220 typed application fee (If maid is already in the country, additional Dhs.500 must be paid.
  • Dhs.2,030 refundable deposit 
  • Dhs.5,080 resident visa fee
  • Dhs.10 Empost courier charge


  • General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).
  • Complete the application form at any typing centre.
  • Submit all required documents to the GDRFA, with fees.
  • You will be asked for the salary of maid, which will be entered into the labour contract.
  • A labour contract (three copies) will be issued together with the maid’s visa.
  • The labour contract must be signed by both the sponsor and maid, and copies given to the sponsor.
  • A residence stamp (valid for one year) will be put in your maid’s passport.
  • Maid’s passport with residence visa, along with her labour card, will be couriered to the sponsor/maid by Empost (allow five days).

NOTE: Your deposit will be refunded when your maid permanently leaves the country or her visa is transferred to another sponsor. Keep a receipt, as you can use this to claim a refund or show it to the residency officer as proof of deposit (at each time renewal).

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